Rocket Italian Review

Rocket Italian is an online Italian course by Rocket Languages.

The idea behind Rocket Italian is as follows:

  • Speak Italian right from the first lesson
  • Understand Italian when it’s spoken to you
  • Reduce your study time as much as possible (Rocket)

Many courses will start with teaching you how to ask for directions, but if you can’t understand the answer then what’s really the point. Rocket Italian wants to get rid of that. Without further ado, here is my Rocket Italian review.

Interactive Audio Course

The backbone of Rocket Italian is their interactive audio course. The way that the lesson works is they do a short intro, and then they give a short review of some of the things they went over in a previous lesson. During the review process, rather than just have you sit back and listen, they ask you to respond.

They say the word in English and then press you to respond to what the word would be in Italian. Its a way to make you recall the words. Recognition is important for when you are listening, but you’ll need to recall words when speaking.

The review portion is really useful for the learning process, since repetition is so very important when it comes to learning Italian.

After the review portion you’ll go into the main lesson. The main lesson is mainly a bit of banter from the two hosts of the lesson. During the banter they will have a scripted conversation of decent speed Italian. They’ll play it for you then dissect it a bit. You’ll understand it more and more as you her the conversation through the lessons (which are around 20-30 minutes a piece).

The conversations are important because while some audio just gives words. That isn’t as useful as hearing the words being used in context.

They also will, depending on the conversation, give a formal and informal version of the conversation.

The lessons are set up as modules. All the lessons within a module have some relation to each other. They also are around the same difficulty range.

You are free to go back and skip forward to modules and lessons as you please. If you need to learn certain things quicker than others (going abroad, etc) you aren’t restricted.

After the course part they have also taken out the dialogues by themselves so you can listen to them as much as you want. They include transcripts.

At the end, they allow you to test yourself to see how well you’ve retained the info. You may take the tests as many times as you’d like and even come back and review them.

Cultural Integration

One thing I find important when learning a language is to make sure you learn about the culture surrounding the language. Rocket Italian delivers in this respect.

On the second half of the modules, there are typically a equal amount of lessons that deal with Italian culture.

These cultural lessons will help give a deeper appreciation for the language. You will also be more able to relate with the natives when you understand more about them.

That being said, you can skip these lessons if you so choose. They’ll be there and you can go through them at your leisure.


Rocket Italian understands that sitting at your computer can be boring. So what they did was two things.

Firstly, they created a mobile app that syncs with their website so you don’t have to tied down to a desk. Secondly, they have turned the process of doing the lessons into a game.

Every day you do a lesson you rack up a streak. Rocket Italian keeps note of how many days in a row you have gone without skipping a day to give you a reason to keep it going.

They have also included achievements based on passing certain milestones and encourage you to further your studies.

Community Interaction

Rocket Italian decided to include a forum. This forum allows you to interact with other language learners and ask questions, or just socialize.

This may seem superfluous, but when studying on your own having comrades going through the same things you’re going through can be good for morale.

As you become more mature in your Italian you can become helpful to other members and pay the kindness forward.


There is also a flashcard function that exists. The flashcards are separated by the modules and lessons.

The most impressive thing about the flashcards is the ability to separate cards based on how well you know them. This allows you to pend more time on the words that you are having trouble with and become more efficient with your learning.

Miscellaneous Things

A few more interesting points that Rocket Italian has are they allow you to make manual notes on every lesson. They allos you to save vocab from the lessons to a list and review those specific words.

Also apart from the regular lessons, they decided to include a survival kit. This survival kit is close to just a single module, but instead of getting deep into the language it divides into very basic sections. These sections are the absolute basics if you needed to use Italian in a hurry all of a sudden. Say you had to go on a trip in 3 days or something.


Rocket Italian is an enjoyable way to progress your Italian. They include multiple levels from beginner to advanced.

They’ve added multiple functions to make the process as intuitive and not boring as they could.

Will Rocket Italian be for everyone? No. Nothing is for everyone. But it could be for you.

Rocket Italian offers a free trial so worst scenario, if you don’t like it you’ve lost nothing but time.