Learn Italian While You Sleep: Is It Possible?

Long story short. No, not really. But, but, but. You can probably ruin your quality of sleep and make it harder for you to retain anything. Learn Italian while you sleep: don’t put too much stock into it.

I know not the answer you really wanted to hear. But there’s good news. While learning Italian while you sleep is a no-go.

But if you want to try to pick up Italian without much effort, there is something called passive listening. It isn’t very effective by itself and the results are dubious by itself alone.

Passive Listening

So just what exactly is passive listening. In a nutshell its listening to the language without really paying to much attention. The  idea is to acquire the language naturally by taking cues from what you see and context. You learn more and more as time goes on.

At least that’s the plan. You can supposedly go from 0 to some understanding a decent amount of language. There was actually a guy named Keith doing an experiment called the TV Method using passive listening.

He was learning Chinese. His experiment was:

  1. He would not study the language in any way
  2. He would watch television shows (in order to have context to make connections from words to pictures)
  3. His hypothesis was that he could become native like fluent by the time he was finished and could learn to read later

I don’t think he ever really finished the experiment. But from what I remember he said he became to understand the spoken language around 30%+ from just watching unintelligible Chinese.

Conclusion: Learn Italian While You Sleep

So basically your choices for effortless language learning are these:

  1. Sleep learning – doesn’t work.
  2. Purely passive listening – extremely slow progress and possibly almost completely useless.
  3. Actually learn how to learn Italian in a realistic way

You know the right answer.

Take a look at our guide to learning Italian to get some direction.