Learn Italian Alphabet: Where to Start

Where to begin to learn Italian alphabet?

Italian is a derivative of Latin and thus uses the the Latin alphabet. Some even say that Italian is the closest to Latin and call it Vulgar Latin.

Learning the Italian Alphabet

The Italian alphabet has 21 letters as opposed to English’s 26. To learn Italian alphabet you should first learn the letters and their names.

Learn Italian Alphabet

Letters / Names of the letters
a  a
b  bi
c  ci
d  di
e  e
f  effe
g  gi
h  acca
i  i
l  elle
m  emme
n  enne
o  o
p  pi
q  cu
r  erre
s  esse
t  ti
u  u
v  vu
z  zeta

Though Italian only has 21 letters, there are 5 letters they use for imported words.

Letters / Names of the letters
j  i lungo
k  kappa
w  doppia vu
x  ics
y  ipsilon

Knowing their name is useful when asking people how to spell words. But more than knowing what they’re called, knowing how they sound is important. I recommend the following video to get a quick start in learning the Italian alphabet’s phonetics.

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