Learn Italian in a Year: Reasons to Start Now

Can you learn Italian in a year? Yes you can. Italian is a language which you can easily learn. If you speak more than one language, then Italian is among the languages which you can learn. Just like the way you learned the new language, it is the same way you will learn Italian. Among the tips you need to employ so that you can learn Italian include signing up for a language learning services. There are several online services you can opt for and start learning.

Start by learning simple words then proceed to learn sentences and complex paragraphs. Just like any other language, Italian has specific rules which should be followed. You will easily learn the language if you will familiarize yourself with the rules. Can you learn Italian in a year and become fluent? Actually you can. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn Italian.

Italians boosts rich Culture

Italy boosts of more world heritage sites. It is among the top countries to have the most number of world heritage sites. This is among the reasons why you should learn the language. It will make it easy for you to speak with the locals after you visit the heritage sites.


Italy has many names describing foods more than any other language. You may have come across several culinary names in Italy. You will start learning the language from the name of foods. It is even a plus to you if you love food. Italian is among languages which have many names describing foods.

Career prospects

Italy has many foreign companies doing business. It will be a great advantage to you if you will like to work in Italy to learn the language. If you are just scouting for job opportunities, it will be very easy for you to work and even study in Italy after you decide to learn the language. If you will be transferred to Italy, you will find it easy to mingle with the locals and even make more friends. This will make your stay in Italy very interesting.


Italy does well in fields such as design, culinary arts and fashion. If you will like to venture into fields such as fashion and design, you will be assured of great success after you start by learning Italian. Can you learn Italian in a year? I hope you have gathered enough confidence that you can, many people have done it and you too can.