Is Italian Easy To Learn?: Probably

This is a common question among a lot of people around the world. If you are a native English speaker, you will have no problem answering the question: Is Italian easy to learn? This is true because you will a lot of words that are very easy to remember by any native English speaker.

Easy-to-learn Language

Italian is very easy to learn, as you will not have to deal with tildes or anything like that. If you compare the Italian language with the French language, you will notice that the former is easier to remember and learn down the road. For instance, people of the Embassy of the United States in Italy just have to read two books so they can speak this language quickly and easily.

That is more difficult with the French language for most of us. And even more so for a language like Chinese. Anyway, learning a new language will open up opportunities for you that you cannot foresee now.

One of Easiest Languages

Italian is, in fact, one of the easiest languages that you could learn if you are a native English speaker. Though the sentence structure and grammar of this language are slightly different from the English language, it is simpler too. English and Italian have the same Latin roots, which means that you will stumble upon a lot of words that have the same sound and meaning in both languages, which is awesome.

You will be able to learn Italian even on your own and with tons of fun down the road, and that´s not an exaggeration at all.

So Is Italian easy to learn?

All signs point to a resounding yes (if you’re an English/Romance language native).

Now that you know how easy is this language to learn, you should take action and start out learning a Italian. However, Italian can be one of the easiest languages that you can learn these days, as this language is a cinch for any native English speaker out there. So what are you waiting for? Start out learning Italian now.