Benefits of Learning Italian

There are many high schools providing French and Spanish elective language courses. Unfortunately, there are few of them that have ventured beyond the above courses. There are, in deed, some of these schools that offer Italian. Did you know that taking Italian courses may now not only assist you in remembering what you have previously learned but also to build on the foundation? You are quickly going to learn beneficial skills in several areas of your life. The following are some of the salient benefits of learning Italian.


Of course, Italian is Italy’s official language. When you ever travel to that country, having knowledge of at least those common Italian phrases is going to help you in getting around. However, when you learn this language a little more in-depth before traveling to the country, you are not only going to better communicate there and the Vatican City, but also it is going to become easy getting around such places like San Marino and Switzerland, since the language is spoken widely in both countries. Therefore, taking some Italian courses prior to traveling to those areas Italian is spoken widely is going to make you understand-and be understood-in restaurants, hotels and stores plus people you are going to meet in social places.


Increasing number of employers today are looking for individuals having foreign language skills. Therefore, being capable of speaking a second-or even third-language will make you quite attractive to those companies having offices outside the USA. Some organizations even will provide bilingual employees bonuses together with higher salaries when they are able to bring their language skills to the table.

Specifically, learning Italian may help you get a job with companies having outposts in Italy, and you also may pursue career with Italian organizations having offices in the USA. Italy has some few leading food, appliance, and wine producers which have big presences in the U.S. And when you have interest in, for example, clothing design, then you are going to be able to find some work in among the several fashion houses which do their business in the U.S.


One way you are going insure your health is through learning languages, and this include Italian. Studies have indicated that development of dementia may be delayed through learning a different language. Bilingual individuals have better function of the brain, which include skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Therefore, taking Italian courses is going to need your brain to function differently that it normally does; and this is going to slow your aging process, and keep you sharper and longer.

Personal Accomplishment

Apart from those tangible benefits you get from learning Italian, like moving up your career and enjoying your vacation, you are also going to benefit from that feeling of personal accomplishment in learning some new language, particularly as complicated as that second language. Making that effort to learn Italian may not only provide you with personal satisfaction, but also it may help connect you with other people who share similar interest. You are going to make new friends, which is a great means of enriching your life and experiencing new things.

Furthermore, learning Italian might be of specific interest to you when your family is Italian. Possibly, your grandparents emigrated to the U.S, and part of your family is still in Italy. And being capable of communicating with them in a language they understand better is the ideal way of connecting with your roots, and culture. You are going to feel more welcome, and connected to your your family. By learning Italian, you are not only going to make your life better, but also help to improve someone’s life.