Advantages of Learning Italian

Many students report that knowing how to speak Italian significantly enhanced their professional and academic opportunities. Italy has the 7th largest economy in the world. 55 million people in Italy and 62 million people throughout the world speak Italian. Italian majors achieve careers in a variety of fields.


Advantages of learning Italian


Why learn Italian? To truly experience the essence of Italian culture when traveling to Italy. Tour guides show you what they think you should see and they only brush the surface of what you can experience while traveling in Italy. The absolute best way to visit Italy is to be your guide by speaking the native language to the locals.


Jobs in Government

Why learn Italian? The federal government is always seeking qualified applicants with Italian language skills in the fields of trade and diplomacy. You better learn one or more languages now if you see international negotiations in your future.


Jobs in Business

6 of the 100 biggest global companies have their headquarters in Italy. The fifth largest industrial goods producer is in Italy. Jobs in Italian business are lucrative. Many companies are becoming global by opening offices around the world. Why learn Italian? Because you could get a job there someday or work for a company, who has a presence there. If you knew Italian, you could have a leg up over other associates.



Translations are not always correct or even available. Why learn Italian? It may be necessary for academic, business, or social research. In many areas of specialization, knowledge of Italian is extremely helpful to understand theories and concepts from Italian experts properly.


Communication Skills

It always pays to know the client’s language. Therefore, if a company deals with any Italian clients, then one would have the advantage over other candidates for a job in that company. Why learn Italian? Being fluent in Italian also encourages you to think about important details of language usage which may not have occurred to you before. These details can lead to improving your writing and speaking skills in English.


Art and Culture

Why learn Italian? There are many answers in this section knowledge of the Italian language is important to fully appreciate the richness of Italian literature, theater, opera, and films. The exact interpretation of these arts could get lost in translations, lessening the experience altogether. Another question could answer the last answer. How could you, savor a gourmet Italian meal in a Florence restaurant if you couldn’t read the menu?



Immersion in a foreign culture provides new avenues of self-exploration and personal growth. And It has significant accomplishment which brings added confidence and great satisfaction.

Some people find an Italian to be a beautiful language that they are interested in learning. Everything seems great until the very moment they being to start learning. They hear the nagging voice inside that tells them: “you can’t learn,” “You’re too old to learn now,” “You’ve never been good at learning languages or anything else so why start now?” This causes them to resist considering learning. If you find yourself in a similar position, here’s one simple question you can ask to eliminate the deceiving voice inside from consideration.