Want To Learn a Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a language? Do you currently want to learn a language?

Fear Not!

I’m here to make that process easier for you.

My name is Kenneth and I love to learn languages. Over time I will slowly be building out content to help people get into language learning. And if I do it right they’ll be linguaholics by the end of the process. Learning languages is seriously fun. The high you get from realizing you understand something new is like non other.

Some of my favorite languages include:

  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Spanish

My proficiency varies from language to language, but I like learning them regardless.

Why You Should Want To Learn A Language

  • Opens up new opportunities – It makes it a lot easier to get jobs abroad if you can speak the national language. Also most multinational companies have a home-base and if you can speak that the home-base language it can help with advancement.
  • Its just plain fun – When you start learning a language, the more you learn about culture the more fun it becomes. And even if you could give a damn about culture, getting results increases motivation to keep going. Its called the glorious cycle.
  • Improve brain power – Studies have shown learning languages helps in memory as well as helping to fight Alzheimer’s. As well as improving thinking in general. Who wouldn’t want that.
  • Travel is more fun – Travel is much more fun when you can hob-knob with the locals. Get off the beaten path so to speak. It also makes flirting easier…
  • More friends – Your pool of potential friends goes up every time you learn a new language. Your future best friend may speak another language. You never know.

You Ready?

Understand that most language learning principles will be similar and a lot of the information may overlap. But honestly, once you’ve got the basics down for a language, and have gone through the process; its a matter of rinse and repeat to learn another.

Below is a list of the current languages we have guides for:

How To Learn Italian

So stay a while. Peruse what we have to offer. And Learn Some Language (see what I did there?).